Ink drops in water

Growth a work by Danio Catanuto

Growth is a vision both of reality and life/growth/death. Ink drops in water are arborescences, inflorescences. Phantasmogorical images which any of us can interpret estetically on basis on one’s own uncounscious, revealing a sometimes dramatic or sometimes symbolic aestethic.
It represents the organicity and behaviour of every form of life that borns, growths and deads in its ambient, among other individuals. Some external umpredictable elements can generate, determinate and modify the course of events.
Music, here, is the scene’s sound, artificially organic, that describes and emotionally interprets the entire narrating form.
The soundscape elements represent three main aspects: the environment ambient (water), the forms’ organic developement (treated piano samples) and the presence of unpredictables and isolated events.
The whole formal aspect comes from the physics of ink drop’s expanding course.

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